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Okay, this story is BEYOND creepy! Nearly a century ago, Mario Lombardo experienced everyone’s worst nightmare. His two year old daughter, Rosalio, died from pneumonia. Lombardo had his daughter embalmed and placed inside a glass coffin so that he could see her for the rest of his life. Now, nearly one hundred …

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(Watch) When You See How Many Demons Were Living In This House You’ll Understand Why It Was Condemned And Then Demolished

There’s one sub-genre of the paranormal that even the most unbelieving of naysayers shy away from, and that is demonic possession. Perhaps the reason this topic terrifies even non-believers of ghosts and Sasquatches is because there has been many cases of actual demonic possession documented throughout history. The Catholic Church …

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(Watch) 10 REAL Photos That Will Give You Chills

For a while, as technology advanced, we began writing off a lot of our old beliefs in such things as ghosts and haints (old-time term for ‘restless spirits’), and apparitions, as the new technology simply proved that these things did not exist, or at least we thought. However, some of …

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(Watch) 12 REAL Creepy Trail Cam Photos You Have to See!

Many people, especially hunters, set trail cams up to capture what might be visiting their hunting areas at night. It’s believed, and it’s been proven, that the “big bucks” only come out and feed at night, so many hunters will bait the deer in with food and try to capture …

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(Watch) The 10 Most Haunted Dolls that Actually Exist

There are many creepy things in this world that cannot be explained, but perhaps the creepiest are toys that our children have that seem to have living souls, or un-dead souls, at least, within them. The video below takes a look at ten haunted dolls that actually exist. One of …

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